Urine burning my skin?

I have spent the last couple weeks living within the bush. When i had to pee i would squat and "drip dry" in the woods. Since next it feels like my urine is burning the outer orifice of my vag.
It doesnt 'burn when i pee'..but almost like my urine is burning my my skin.. Is this due to poor hygine during camping? is the Ph even of my urine off? anyone have any philosophy?
Answers:    Do you have a yeast infection on the area that it is burning? Yes, you can obtain them on your skin, they are not always inside the vagina.

Beyond that, why did you drip dry? I get you are camp, but we always take trash oodles and tp.

Did you get bit by anything or did you come into contact with anything that you are allergic to?
I would contemplate the skin is just sore from having urine on it and it should seize back to normal contained by a couple of days. I think that urine will start to break down your skin if it just sits on near. thats because urine is acidic lol why do you think babys procure diaper rash? because they're sitting in their own urine for hours