Do they put you to sleep for an abortion?

I'm not saying I'm having one I be just wondering if they put you too sleep
if so how do they do it?? with a nozzle or gas mask or..
When having an abortion depending on how far pregnant you are (over 3 month) they make a contribution you 2 tablets which set of your contractions, you go into hospital two days later and dispense birth to the baby. My friend had no strain relief when giving birth to the foetus. they would have to put you to sleep, otherwise you would consistency the pain.
hi,im training to be a nurse and just saw your post. just depends how they are going to do the procedure. If it be under 9 weeks since conception then no they wont. They will furnish you a pill that will abort any further growth of the fetus, then a few days later they will tender you 4 more tablets. These can be taken orally or can be inserted into the vagina. These then expel the fetus. Bleeding will go down and you will see some very large blood clots, but this is the intuitive process and can be little distressing for some women. However there will be plenty of nurses around for support.
Another option is vacuum aspiration (known as 'the suction method')
This method is available up to 13 weeks of pregnancy. For this procedure the woman have either a general or local anaesthetic. The abortion is carried out through the vagina and at hand is no wound or stitches. The cervix (the entrance to the womb at the top of the vagina) is gently stretched to allow a tube to pass through it into the womb. Once the tube is inserted, it single takes a minute to remove the pregnancy by suction.
Methods used for later abortions will depend on the stage of pregnancy. The exact procedure will be explained by a doctor or nurse so that you recognize and feel comfortable about the in one piece procedure. Hope this helps, samx
Answers:    Going to sleep or not depends on how far along you are. If you are only a few weeks along, you will be put to sleep and a suction abortion or saline abortion will be perform. Usually any procedure less than 20 weeks will be done with suction. Over 20 weeks, the fetus is any dead or has problems not compatible near life and pills, vaginal inserts or IV drugs will be given to induce labor.

Most times it depends on the doctor. Some don't do abortions past a definite amount of weeks, usually 16. Some won't do them at all.

My baby did not survive previous 12 weeks and my body did not go into labor to expel the fetus, so I had a suction removal (dilation and curretage or D&C). I go to sleep for that.
they would have to put you to sleep, otherwise you would consistency the pain.
No but they should put people to sleep who would capture them, after the baby is born of course. Depends on the type. Earlier residence pregnancies do not require it, later do.