How big is 1.5 centimeters? Is it as big as a plain M&M?

Doctor's office called to say aloud a 1.5 centimeter "mass" showed up on my mammogram and now I need an ultrasound. To be honest, I've have mammos every year and they always flatten my breasts out like a pancake, but this time, the technician didn't do that. I wondered just about it at the time, but figured new technology probably made the machines more sensitive. I'm somewhat worried, of course, but I really want to know how big 1.5 cm is before I tolerate myself get really worried. Thanks!
Answers:    Get a ruler and look for an accurate measurement. 1.5 cm is something like equivalent to a small-ish peanut M&M, or about 3/4 of an inch.

Don't worry till they speak about you to. I was told I had "lumps" and be sent for mammograms, repeat mammo's, ultrasounds, needle biopsies, and never had anything (the best they could come up next to was a movable/changeable cyst). But I worried myself sick in the be determined time, so take it from my experience...don't stress too much until they TELL you to.

Good luck.
2.5 centimeters is one inch. Size doesn't mean you should or shouldn't verbs though.
Try to relax, I have had so plentiful "masses" over the years and they always turn out to be harmless cysts. By adjectives means, follow through with the recmmendations the doctor make but don't worry yourself sick.
Good luck
It's about 2/3", more resembling a peanut M&M. Hang in there, hope you bring back your answers and good news soon.