I feel sick when i used a tampon?

i already asked this but i need more opinions! =/
ok so i woke up this mornign and i have started my period and i used a tampon(i dont usually) and then i feel really weak and sick and dizzy and i had to lay down for a while and i be really pale. i took it out before i laid down. this happen once before when i used a tampon in the morning on the 1st hours of daylight of my period. i've used tampons about 2-3 other times approaching the 2-4th day of my period and i used them within the afternoon and i had no problem AT ALL. i even jumped on my trampoline! is it becasue of the tampons that i discern the way i did this morning?
You own to be careful with tampons. My previous doctor once told me a story...and this true:
A lenient came in..a childish girl...with flu ike symptoms with ...disorientation..aches and pains...and a painful stomach.
To cut through the chase...he discovered that she forgot a tampon inside her..which go up further into her womb. And it was there for a while.spreading an infection. Luckily she come in to his surgery..otherwise..she would have be hospitalised with some "unknown disease"
its not very common but general public can get toxic shock sydnrome (tss) from tampons, you have to be deeply careful with them and dont sign out them in for a very long time, if i be you i would just stick with pad
my friend when she first started using tampons the same thing happen to her because some people are kind of allergic to them
also it might be because the tampon you chose be for a heavy flow, try using one for smaller flows, it will be more comfortable and will hurt less
Experiment next to pads to see if you get "ill"?
Not likely, unless you be freaking about it or something to the point you made yourself feel off-colour...Probably you just feel sick from getting your extent, period. It happens to me occasionally. Experiment next to pads to see if you get "ill"?
Answers:    you might just be getting PMS from your "little friend". also you might not be using the tampons right and that might be offecting you, but i intuitively think it's PMS and you shouldnt worry.
try on the end couple days of your period and see if it happens again and if it does basically call a doctor and tell them in the region of it; maybe theres a reason they can facilitate you with cuz later within life or the summer ur defiantly gonna want one (swimming). right luck (:
use pad.
it's better for you in the long run, You might have a moment ago been having some nausua related to your term, or it might be that particular brand of tampon.
Whatever the case may be, if you ever perceive that way, always appropriate out the tampon and use a pad because if it is from the tampon it can lead to a drastically serious condition called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Usually on your package of tampons it will explain adjectives the symptoms of TSS and how to tell if you have it. If you ever have any or all of those symptoms while using a tampon, I highly reccomend that you discontinue the use of adjectives tampons.
Also, make sure you are not using "Super", unless your flow cannot be controlled with regular. Also when wearing a tampon, if your flow is heavier, try to correct it between every two and four hours, depending on your flow for that day and your period.
Only you can establish based on the facts that I've given you!! Hopefully it's just how you feel that morning!