Piercing your Vagina?

Omg.I think it is madness to piece your vagina,ladies it is not nontoxic,not hygenic.let me hear your views ??
First, if you can see the area you are referring, it is definitely NOT your vagina--that's located inside your body; you an see the debut.

Personally, I think it's absurd for several reason but the most would be gravity. If you've ever noticed how older women's pierced ears swing, you can imagine what down there looks similar to after having something metal hanging within it for years. ('nuff said on that.) Besides there is the risk of infection as well as injury.

If you own a friend who is considering getting her "vagina" pierced, tell her a crazy old female on Yahoo said she should know what she's going to get pierced before walking into a place and "ordering" that! She may be "sorely" surprised when they accommodate her... I'm sure someone have had that done but she is probably referring to some exterior part of her genitals and not her vagina. At smallest I hope so...

The site below will help you and your friend properly identify your genitalia. Every woman should know this info.
It's safer than piercing your tongue or lip, that's for sure! What is there within a vagina that's unhygenic anyway? Urine is sterile, and the womb also sterile. Okay, you've got several yeasts whose favorite hang-out is the vagina, but they're all non-pathogenic (do not bring disease. Generally, that is.) Your vagina is cleaner than your mouth (my dad, a doctor, says so). As long as you verbs to bathe and change your undies day after day, there's no risk of infection.

Yes, it's painful, like adjectives piercings. Including your standard ear-piercings.

No, I don't believe pierced labia or pierced clitorises will sag like pierced ear lobes. You wear undies; that should support any dangling jewelry. Besides, my grandma's earlobes didn't stretch from her earrings -- a short time ago don't wear rings that weigh a ton.

But WHY would you want to hang jewelry there? To show bad?
I think people do it to quality sexier somehow. It *is* rather interesting, but I don't feel confident ample to bare my privates to a stranger with a big fricking syringe, you know.
Answers:    one and only thing that pierces my vagina is 7" of man meat
Jeme- thanks for writing that.

It drives me CRAZY when women don't know the jargon for their body parts. You cannot see your vagina, ladies. You see the opening to your vagina. Your labia are not your vagina. Your clitoris is not your vagina.
I think it would be the most scratchy thing to pierce, and once it is healed I still mull over that it would be uncomfortable. One of my friends has hers done, I don't know what she be thinking. Gross. I think its the c lit you pierce though isn't it? not your actual vagina. yeah, i think that is to say kinda gross,
i dont know if this is true or not but my friend said that girls who do that get random spontaneous orgasms,
plus i dont see the point surrounded by it,
hardly anyone can see it, unless your a slut.