"seed" come out of pimple approaching point on nipple?

ok this is gross i know.. but i had this little brown bump on my nipple. it didnt hurt but just looked abnormal. i squeezed it like a pimple and literallly a little kernel came out. its hard and brownish pale. really confused.. what was this?? THANKS! PS now i hold a little hole in my nipple right in that.. kinda weird but doesnt hurt
Answers:    haha. i know its strange, but i've had those on my legs in the past. its like a clogged pore. the whole closes up, its fine.
I grasp those too. It's just a little ingrown mane, clogged pore, little thing. It's no big deal. The hole will close and it will budge back to looking normal. I attain them everywhere. haha, i had that too.
ingrown hair..

no worries
but i thought it be really strange too! i freaked out a bit.