Tampon & dizziness and vomiting when first putting contained by?

Has anyone heard of someone getting sick ...vomitting, dizziness cramping when they first put in a tampon? my dd be trying to wear one to go swimming when all of a sudden she get to cramping, feeling nauseous and insubstantial headed then vomiting...I have her immediately remove the tampon and then she be fine...like nothing have happened. Has anyone else experienced this? What would cause this? Was it put contained by wrong? wrong size? Is this TSS? I'm not sure if I should take her to our doctor or what...This is not the first time she has used one but she does not use them recurrently. Just when swimmming or cheerleading.
Thanks for your help!
Answers:    No, it is definitely NOT toxic shock syndrome - TSS with the sole purpose develops if the tampon is left in for an extended term of time, it does not happen immediately on inserting a tampon. I would guess that your daughter have a bit of pain and cramping because she is not used to using tampons and probably didn't insert it far satisfactory. The nausea and light headedness was probably simply a reaction to the pain.
I don't know how true this is but... someone told me that if one of your ovaries somehow get knocked by inserting a tampon or sex it gives you a sicknening impression and dizzyness like a male get when he's hit in the testicles. It wouldn't be TSS . that only happen if it's left in too long. I'm no doctor, but I'd say-so it was coincidental that she felt poorly at the same time as putting in the tampon.