Why am i so gassy lately?

ok...so lately, i would say the past month i own been realy gassy! it doesnt smell, which is good! but its annoying! im usually the most gassy when im at work, which is at a coffee shop. this is so abnormal to me because it seems like im just gassy at work. any suggestions or explainations? thanks anything will help im so confused!
Answers:    What caring of food are you eating? Are you drinking a lot of soda? Just keep hold of a log of the food and drink you take in for a few days and that should assistance point you to where the basis of the problem lies.

Fruit could be a possibility for the root of your problem.
Probably your diet. Whatever you're consumption (or drinking) could be causing it. Especially MILK. And then again, some folks are freshly gassyyyyyy. If it doesn't stink, I wouldn't worry about it too much, basically let it out! LOL If it bothers you that much, try some BEANO or check with your doctor. Seriously. I don't know if this is a possibility for you or not, but human being extra gassy all-of-the-sudden is a symptom of pregnancy...